Turn your YouTube video into a GIF using the command line

Youtube to GIF Maker Using command line, video to gif
Youtube to GIF Maker Using command line, video to gif
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Why this article?


A comprehensive guide to choosing the best note-taking app for you.

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I have spent the past few weeks searching for a note-taking app that will be perfect for my daily use. After some extensive research, I found that there are plenty of good options available in the market — the challenge comes down to analyzing all of the apps based on different parameters to find the perfect fit.

Every app has its pros and cons. Some parameters on which good note-taking apps depend are real-time syncing, collaboration, markdown capabilities, quick writing, search option, image annotations, security & privacy, inexpensive, and more.

Here, take a closer look at the 8 best note-taking…

Fun project to revise data science fundamentals from dataset creation to data analysis to data visualization

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According to the reports of “The New York Times”, mostly everyone has dropped out till April 2020 who was running for Presidential election and the only left ones are Donald Trump and Joe Biden now. So, I have done a small project for trying to predict the winner of this election.

A beginner’s guide for scraping tweet replies using Octoparse

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I’m using Octoparse for the scraping purpose. I must say this software has so easy to use interface and their team has really done a great job on providing you with the tutorials and articles to get started with this software. Also, you can put your queries on their help page on the official website and someone from their team will definitely reply to you with a valid answer.

NOTE: Here, I am using OCTOPARSE version 8.1, to start with it first install it and register on it.

For this tutorial, follow these steps for scraping Donald trump tweet replies:

Step-1: After logging in, you will see a home page of this…

Interesting project ideas with source code and reference articles, also attaching some research papers too.

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Are you excited to enter the Data Science world?
Congrats! That’s still the right choice because of the ultimate boost in need of work done in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence during this pandemic.

Although, because of the crisis, the market currently gets tougher to be able to set it up again with more men force as they are doing earlier. So, It might possible that you have to prepare yourself mentally for long run hiring journey and many rejections in a way.

Hereby, while writing this article, I am assuming that you have already known that data-science portfolio is…

Fun learning way to scrape 1000’s of webpages in just a matter of minutes.

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So, If you didn’t go through my first article, I would strongly recommend going through that once and If you have a programming background, then you must read the first article of this series.


Web-scraping using python is very simple to do if you follow along with these simple 10 steps.

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Web Scraping Series: Using Python and Software

Part-1: Scraping web pages without using Software: Python

Part-2: Scraping web Pages using Software: Octoparse

Table Of Content


1.1 Why This article?

1.2 Who should read this article?

2. Overview

2.1 A brief introduction to webpage design and HTML

2.2 Web-scraping using BeautifulSoup in PYTHON

3. Suggestion & conclusion

3.1Full Code



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